ePropulsion Electric Outboards


Electric outboard and electric motors for boats

A Sustainable Future for Boating

ePropulsion electric outboards and electric motors for boats represent a huge step ahead in creating a sustainable future for boating for sailboats, fishing boats, work boats, day boats, dinghies and tenders.

Electric outboard motors are proving to be the reliable and efficient alternative to traditional outboard engines.

Powered by lithium batteries, with more power and range than you would achieve with an equivalent tank of fuel, electric outboards are quiet, clean and kinder to wildlife and the environment.

Rechargeable from solar panels, 12 volt and now hydro-generation too, ePropulsion’s innovative electric outboard motors are versatile across a wide range of powerboats and sail boats.

Spirit 1.0 Plus – Portable Electric Outboard Motor for tenders and day boats

The Spirit 1.0 Plus is the industry leading portable electric outboard motor.  Leading the way in performance rechargeable outboard motors, it is a highly reliable and affordable step to greener boating.  Equivalent to 3hp petrol engine.

This lightweight, highly portable outboard motor can be recharged using 12 volt output or solar power. It has an unsinkable battery that is recyclable.

Why is an electric outboard better?

  • 1kW offers equivalent power to a 3hp engine
  • Clean, quiet, less harm to nature & the oceans
  • Extensive motoring range & capacity
  • Up to 5 hours / 22 miles in 3m tender
  • Maintenance free – no fuel or oil on board

Spirit 1.0 Evo – Remote control with Hydrogeneration charging for sail boats

The Spirit 1.0 Evo is the first ever electric outboard motor with regenerative charging built in. This pioneering innovation of hydrogenation means the outboard recharges under sail – adding to its all-round environmentally sustainable credentials.

The Spirit 1.0 Evo is ideal for:

  • Cruising or racing sail boats
  • Reduce any need for fuel tanks
  • Less weight on board
  • Removes chance of oily bilges
  • Quick and clean to store onboard

Navy Evo 3.0 or 6.0 – Remote control with Hydrogeneration charging for river cruisers, sail boats and work boats

ePropulsion electric outboards and electric motors for boats. Go further for longer.

The ePropulsion Navy Evo 3.0 and 6.0 are long range electric outboards, capable of powering larger displacement boats at faster speeds over greater distances.

The robust Navy Evo 3.0 will comfortably power a 2.5 ton boat using one battery.  Equivalent to 6hp petrol outboard.

The Navy Evo 6.0 is ideal for a displacement boat up to 5 tonnes with two batteries.  Equivalent to 9.9hp petrol outboard.

Powered by a choice of three different sizes of separate 48v rechargeable batteries, you’ll have clean, quiet, and environmentally friendly propulsion.

Far smaller and lighter than their equivalent in fuel tanks, these waterproof, rechargeable batteries mean no engine noise, no oily bilges and no grease or fuel fumes on board either.

Lightweight and compact, the motors are easy to lift, transport and store ashore or onboard.

The efficient direct drive propulsion means few moving parts, and no maintenance or servicing either.

Interchangeable between boats, these long range electric outboards are suitable for:

  • Yacht tenders and dinghies
  • Aluminium fishing boats
  • SIBs (small inflatable boats)
  • RIBs (rigid inflatable boats)motor boats
  • Day sailers
  • Yachts up to 5 tons

electric motors for boats

Vaquita – Lightweight SUP motor for paddle boards and kayaks

The Super light VAQUITA motor for paddle boards and kayaks - weighs just 4kgs.

It’s the perfect safety companion to have on board. If you are new to paddling touring by kayak or paddle board it will guarantee you can get home.

It’s light and easy in your kayak or on a SUP whilst paddling.

Small and compact it takes up very little space on board or at home and can be easily carried in a back pack.


  • Motor weight – 1.5 kg
  • Battery weight 2.5 kg
  • Up to 11 KM / H
  • Effortless installation
  • Made for every SUP and kayak
  • Great fun and gets you home!

Electric Pod Evo Drive – the next generation

Electric inboard motors for 1-6 tonne motor or sail boats

1-6kw (3-9.9hp) Pod Drives & Batteries

The ePropulsion POD drives are pushing electric inboard motors to new levels for boating. These lightweight, maintenance free electric motors are incredibly versatile and ideal for sailing yachts, motor and powerboats. They are super quiet, with no thumping vibrations, save considerable space in your cabin and highly reliable.

Requiring no fuel tank, exhaust or cooling system, the batteries are considerably smaller than a standard diesel engine. And you’ll find you can remove your internal 12 volt batteries too as the POD Drive can power your domestic power


  • Space saving
  • Quiet – no vibration
  • Hydrogeneration – recharge whilst you sail
  • Maintenance free – no servicing required
  • Environmentally friendly – no fuel on board